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This May the Townie team met at a Starbucks near Southcenter Mall to discuss the future of the brand and company. Our re-launch of the skyline sunglasses in Seattle had been a huge success and we were just gearing up to drop Portland, Tacoma, San Francisco, Spokane and Los Angeles. We knew that we were on to something special and wanted to find new and creative ways to bring sunglasses and other accessories to life.

At our core we are a brand dedicated regionally focused eyewear designs. However, we saw an opportunity to expand beyond purely regional designs and create sunglasses with unique artwork that appeals to all of you.

Introducing Townie Originals.

Townie Originals is a line that will focus on bringing distinctive design and creativity to your eyewear game. Each Townie Original design will be available through exclusive releases. We want to give everyone the freedom to express themselves through their eyewear.

Like all our products, we want to make sure that with every pair of sunglasses we sell will help to support our communities. That is why for the Townie Originals line we will give back 5% of our profits to local non-profit organizations. In fact, we want to give to the causes that you care about so we are going to choose a different organization at the start of each month, based on the feedback of our customers.

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