Building Community

Posted by Nick Ost on

This year Townie Shades has grown due to the support of the communities we represent. In order to show our appreciation, we promised to give to local non-profits in those community for each pair of shades we sold. We are very proud to announce that over the course of 2015 we have given over $12,000!

As we grew we selected different non-profits in each new area to give to. By the end of the summer we were giving different amounts, in different areas, to different non-profits every month. As you can imagine keeping track of this was very complicated.

Moving forward we have decided to keep things simple. We are going to donate 1% of all sales to a single charity. This non-profit will be focused on feeding those in need. By keeping it simple, we will have greater impact and be able to give larger amounts to individual organizations.

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