Seattle 2.0 // Summer Ready

Posted by Nick Ost on

Last week, thirty boxes arrived at the Townie headquarters filled to the brim with Seattle 2.0's. Now, all we do is ship! We are working day in and day out to get the pre-orders shipped early this week and we cannot wait for you guys to get them in the mail. Things have really taken off for us and this summer is going to be huge in Seattle!

We started out a little over two years ago with the simple idea of putting everyone's favorite skyline on a pair of shades. Since then Townie has transformed to become much much more. Our community has embraced us with open arms and it is now our sole aim to build that sense of community pride into every product we release. We are going to help build community by supporting local non-profits with every pair of shades we sell from now on. The volunteers who spend their time helping others in need in our communities, deserve to be recognized and supported. That is our view.

<3 Townie Team

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